New App for Cocktail Lovers

by James Stevenson

Wunderbar Cocktails is an app for cocktail lovers to discover, create, and share their favorite cocktail recipes. Having received more than 20,000 downloads within 8 months of launching, it has been well-received and its popularity continues to grow.

, New App for Cocktail Lovers

While it is packed with numerous features, the crowd favorites are:

  • Community and Iconic Cocktail Recipes: Over 400 cocktail recipes, including the Classics and those submitted by the Wunderbar community
  • Cocktails You Can Make: List the ingredients that you have – Wunderbar will tell you what cocktails you can make, and what ingredients are missing
  • Create and Share Your Cocktail: Create your own cocktail recipe and share it with the community

, New App for Cocktail Lovers

The inspiration for the app came during the founders’ travels around Southeast Asia and China. As cocktail enthusiasts and amateur mixologists, they were exposed to the region’s diverse and growing cocktail culture and decided to make their contribution to the movement. Their vision is to create a platform for all sorts of cocktail lovers – from casual drinkers to experienced bartenders – to share their creativity and inspire each other.

, New App for Cocktail Lovers

Going forward, the Wunderbar team has plans to continue improving on their app. Some features include more personalized cocktail recommendations and a shopping list for users. If you’re interested in finding out more, visit their website or download Wunderbar Cocktails from the app store (Android | iOS).