Wine Galore: The Best Wine Bars In Prague

by James Stevenson

Although beer and the Czech Republic go together perfectly like bread and butter, the country is surprisingly home to a few remarkable, first-rate wine regions. Take Moravia and Bohemia, for example.

These wine regions produce exceptional wines that will undoubtedly amuse and excite the most refined and selective palate. Aside from the excellent wine regions, the Czech Republic also boasts many wine bars from contemporary to sleek spaces.

Below are some of the best wine bars when visiting Prague to taste both international and local grape varieties.

Red Pif

Do you love red wine? If so, then Red Pif is a must-visit wine bar. Here, there is no wine list. However, the staff will help you find your way through tons of flavor-enhancer and sulfite international and local vintages, with high ratings based on the official wine rating chart.

Moreover, to complement your wine, the minimalist, chic space serves outstanding French cuisine that is skillfully crafted to go with the wines that occupy the shelves of Red Pif. This wine bar is the go-to place for a stylish, graceful evening out and is particularly well-known with Prague’s elegant sippers.


This wine bar is pretty serious and careful about its grapes. Undoubtedly, Veltlin is a wine bar for a wine connoisseur and specializes in regions of the past Habsburg monarchy. That said, the wine bar offers Czech, Hungarian, and Austrian wines.

Additionally, there are a couple of sommeliers on hand to help you out and guide your taste buds, sharing their know-how about Eastern European wine vintages. Light-hearted about the decorations, but scholarly about the wine, the walls of Veltlin are designed with eccentric illustrations creating a trendy and hip ambiance.


There are only a few wine bars in Prague that can brag about their own winery or vineyard on site. Among these bars is Salabka. Located on the heights or mountaintop of the Troja suburb with wide-ranging views across the city, Salabka is indeed an elegant and stylish spot to taste different wines.

Take Pinot Blanc, Riesling, and Chardonnay, for instance. Also, there are local grapes, such as Neronet and full-bodied Pinot Noir. What’s more, Salaka features a fine dining restaurant; wherein anyone can enjoy and have fun with paired wines. Another thing, the bar offers Chateau Margaux wines for sale online.

Le Caveau

Apart from its low-key and understated facade with a view on the busy Podebrad square, Le Caveau doubles as a bakery and cafe. This French-inspired wine bar oozes with glamor and charm, wine barrel tables, and an old piano is paired with old Czech furniture and intricate wallpapers.

Moreover, Le Caveau offers only French wine, which is ordered in from the Chablis region. The exceptional wines offered have been chosen carefully. Also, the staff of the wine bar can help you out on what type of cheeses to match with your wine bottle.

Le Caveau is an excellent spot for a few hours during the winter months. On the other hand, during the summer season, you can sit outside and cherish the view.


This cozy wine bar is situated along the cobblestoned street and away from the touristy hubbub of the Charles Bridge. Vinograf is a classic bar well-known and prominent with visitors and locals alike.

Additionally, with only eight tables under a beautiful arched ceiling, the wine bar is indeed a romantic and intimate place to visit for a drink. French, Czech, and plenty of other wines are available by the bottle or the glass.

What’s more, the staff is willing to help and guide you to choose your wine. Moreover, you can pair a vintage wine with a selection of salami and cheese platters on offer.


This wine bar is an unpretentious yet stylish addition to the ever-growing wine scene in Prague. Champagneria offers sparkling wines and champagnes crafted by the conventional method of fermentation in the bottle.

Although the selection of wines here is small, it truly hits the spot and is varied, offering excellent bottles selected by expert sommeliers and sold at the right prices. Moreover, you can pair your wine with small snacks like a plate of snails.

What’s more, Champagneria’s setting is undoubtedly comfy, and the owner is knowledgeable and friendly enough to guide you about his selections. Additionally, the wine bar hosts special tasting sessions, music nights, and exhibitions, as well.


Since Czech is more known for its beer bars, wine is, for the most part, underrated. However, Prague plays host to a remarkable array of stylish wine bars offering the best international and renowned Czech strains bottles. The wine bars mentioned in this article will surely have you tasting delightful wine vintages, at the same time, learning about the long-standing and deep-rooted appreciation of Prague citizens for the grape. Be sure to visit at least one of the wine bars listed in this post when you are in the country.

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