Top 5 spirits and liqueurs to delight your Valentine

by James Stevenson

Want to spoil your Valentine? Buy them one of these fabulous spirits and liqueurs to celebrate the occasion or better yet create a fun cocktail! Spread the love with spirits! Happy Valentine’s Day Loves! XO Natalie

, Top 5 spirits and liqueurs to delight your Valentine

  • Disaronno An amaretto liquor produced in Saronno, Italy and distributed world wide. The brand name Disaronno means “From Saronno” in Italian and although it has a powerful almond flavor, there are no nuts used in the production. The most popular classic cocktail I recommend making with Disaronno is an Amaretto Sour.
  • Baileys Baileys is produced in Ireland and uses a process combining Irish whiskey with cream to create this sweet liquor most popularly used in Espresso Martinis. For a little extra flavor Baileys also comes in mint chocolate and crème caramel.
  • Makers Mark 46 My favorite Old Fashioned is made with Makers Mark 46 as its base spirit and of course it is produced in Kentucky. During production Makers Mark inserts seared French oak staves into the barrels to create that special spice hit.
  • Mezcal Amores A new introduction to the US market Mezcal Amores (Amares in the US) is crafted from espadin agave matured for 10-13 years that is then slow roasted and eventually crushed with a Tahona wheel keeping it as traditional as possible. Primarily produced in Oaxaca, Mexico this light Mezcal is great for everyone.
  • Ron Zacapa XO Honored by being the first brand to be introduced into the International Rum Festivals Hall of Fame Ron Zacapa XO uses the Sistema Solera production method to combine aged rums from 5 to 25 years. Showcasing all the best flavors from Guatemala you will discover notes of chocolate, coffee and leather along with much, much more.

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