They See Me Brambln’

by James Stevenson

I’m excited to celebrate all summer long with Master of Mixes in my arsenal and this They See Me Brambln’ cocktail will definitely be making multiple appearances. The simplicity of this cocktail is what makes it so attainable, yet with the fresh mint hint from the mint syrup, it still grabs your taste buds to remove you from reality for a little break. This cocktail is kind of a rendition of a strawberry mojito, and if it’s too hot outside you may want to just mix it up that way and serve it in a coupe so the ice doesn’t dilute it too much.

, They See Me Brambln’

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, They See Me Brambln’



  1. Combine rum, lime juice & Master of Mixes Mint Syrup in a shaker with ice
  2. Shake to chill and combine ingredients
  3. Strain into cognac glass over crushed ice
  4. Top with Master of Mixes Strawberry Syrup
  5. Garnish & Enjoy!

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