There was a whole other display room for us to explore on Day 2 at WSWA

by James Stevenson

Day 2 at the WSWA Convention was almost more fun than day 1 with cocktail competitions and a whole lot more rooms to explore. The WSWA Convention each year brings hopeful emerging brands alongside some great favorites from around the world to one space where they showcase their products hoping to catch the eye of the right distributor and Beautiful Booze were lucky to be there to see what products will hopefully be on the market soon and let you know which to keep an eye out for.

There is always a great mix here from weird to wonderful products that belong in niche markets alongside products that don’t belong anywhere at all, but luckily there is a vast majority that we hope will saturate the bars and liquor stores around the country. Sometimes it’s a product or flavor that is entirely new, or a modern twist on something that has fallen out of flavor and someone is trying to bring it back though sometimes it’s just someone making a popular product in the same method it has always been done but just doing it really, really well.

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