The Release of the 2018 Hennessy XO Limited Edition Bottle by Marc Newson

by James Stevenson

I absolutely love making Cognac cocktails, and the number one rule of Cognac cocktails is that you don’t use XO’s when mixing drinks. Why take something so beautiful and perfect then try to blend it in with a whole lot of other ingredients, it just doesn’t make sense.

I also believe the old saying, “rules were made to be broken”, and in this situation, it stands true more than ever when constructing cocktails. After our visit to Paris for the release of the limited edition Marc Newson Hennessy XO decanter, I was so inspired I just had to do something really special. During the release party, we were taken on a sensory adventure, beginning with a tasting of the Hennessy XO neat and then with soda and ice. Once we had tasted the product the next step was to see which elements we could recognize through smell through 7 different scented objects.

What stood out to me the most for me were the elements of rich chocolate and dried fruits with a dry woody finish; damn it was delicious.

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