The People’s Punch

by James Stevenson

Being a convivialist is a way of life, it doesn’t start and stop around events with friends and family, but is a part of who you are. I love hosting dinner parties and can’t wait to invite all of my friends around when I have a place to call home. It’s also easy to live a convivial life while on the road also, by being outgoing and inclusive of those around you, whether that means sharing drinks and conversation at a bar or even over a meal. It has been great to partner with Pernod Ricard and create more awareness around this way of life, and just imagine a world full of convivialists.

, The People’s Punch

A great way to get everyone involved at an event is by mixing a big punch for everyone to enjoy and gather around, it also takes a lot of work off your shoulders during an event and allows you the freedom to mingle yourself. Whenever we host a pop-up we make sure to have a welcome punch for guests so that each and every person who comes to our party is greeted by us personally and aren’t just standing in a line waiting to order a drink like any other bar. This is The People’s Punch, a concoction that brings together two of our favorite beverages, mezcal, and bubbles in a delicious combination that really is mouthwatering. A long time ago while mixing drinks with my friend Walter, in Mexico City, I discovered that the best pairing for mezcal was strawberries, and have been using them together ever since. Of course, I didn’t just use any bubbles, but I just had to use rosé bubbles for this concoction, as it worked perfectly with the strawberry.

, The People’s Punch



  1. Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl
  2. Stir to combine ingredients
  3. Fill a punch bowl with ice
  4. Garnish & Enjoy with Friends!

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