The Favorite Drinks of Famous Sports Stars

by James Stevenson

Major sports like football, basketball, and tennis are some of the most-watched athletic competitions in the world. They attract the best athletes in their fields who compete for prestigious titles and large pots of prize money.

This strong competition is one of the main drivers that attract fans to watch on TV and in person. Big games like the Super Bowl can attract over 100 million people to tune in, while soccer competitions like the Champions League can see figures as high as five times that.

Fans don’t just like to watch games. Many want to get as close to the action as they can, following their favorite athletes on social media, reading biographies, and even attending training sessions that are open to the public. Others also enjoy betting on the games as it adds another element of excitement to the games. Many do this by taking the free bets that bookmakers offer to new customers to help their money go a little further.

All this attention means that modern sports stars carry the same celebrity status as Hollywood actors. The most successful ones are thrust into the limelight on more occasions than film stars though, with weekly appearances from many athletes.

With this fame comes all the same perks, including invites to exclusive events, global recognition, and special treatment wherever they go. Another perk is that some get drinks named after them, just like actors Charlie Chaplin, Shirley Temple, and Mary Pickford.

One of these is The John Daly, named after the famous golfer. This drink is actually an alcoholic variant of the Arnold Palmer. Named after another successful golfer, the Arnold Palmer is made from iced tea and lemonade.

While other sports stars don’t always get a drink named after them, they still enjoy a tipple every now and then. Here are some of the drinks enjoyed by famous athletes.

, The Favorite Drinks of Famous Sports Stars

Mate Tea

A South American drink, mate tea is a hot drink that’s packed with caffeine. It’s made from mixing dried mate leaves with hot water, producing a bitter flavor that’s loved by millions in countries like Brazil, Paraguay, Syria, Argentina, and Lebanon.

It’s enjoyed as a social drink, with friends often getting together to share a pitcher. During warmer weather, an iced version of mate tea is more popular.

Many legendary soccer players have been spotted drinking mate tea in recent years, including Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez, Paul Pogba, Neymar, Gonzalo Higuaín and Sergio Agüero.


Rumchata is a liqueur blend of cream, rum, cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla that’s produced in Wisconsin. It is similar to Baileys Irish Cream though this has cocoa and whiskey, creating a distinctly different flavor.

At 15%, it has a relatively low alcohol content, at least when compared to other similar drinks. It’s also relatively new, having first hit shelves in 2009.

Jim McIlvaine, the former NBA center who played for the Washington Bullets, Seattle SuperSonics and New Jersey Nets said that he doesn’t drink often, but when he does he likes Rumchata because it “tastes like Golden Grahams cereal milk”.

, The Favorite Drinks of Famous Sports Stars

A Shoey

Mark Webber had a very colorful career in Formula 1, launching his car into the air and performing a 180-degree flip and his angry outburst of “multi 21” and “not bad for a number 2 driver”.

Even after returning though, he’s been still up to some strange antics in the paddock. In 2016, while interviewing the top three drivers on the podium after the Belgian Grand Prix, Mark Webber shared a “shoey” with Daniel Ricciardo.

A “shoey” is Australian slang for drinking from a shoe. The most common choice is beer, for race drivers and motorcycle riders, including Valentino Rossie, Dillon Francis, and Jack Miller have all drunk champagne in this most bizarre ritual.

Since the first time in 2016, Ricciardo has continued to invite others to try a shoey when he appears on the podium. He’s managed to convince Max Verstappen, Nico Rosberg, Christian Horner, and Lance Stroll to join in, as well as the actors Sir Patrick Stewart and Gerard Butler.

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