The Best Craft Breweries Near Denver

by James Stevenson

Brewing the best craft beer is a science for many breweries near Denver, Colorado. Finding the perfect blend of ingredients to quench the thirsty palates of these craft breweries’ patrons takes all of the care and precision of a master brewer. Located throughout the picturesque landscapes of the urban and mountainous areas, craft breweries wonderfully capture and bottle the essence of nature that surrounds this incredible city. From stouts to pale ales, each brewery uses a variety of special brewing techniques to create the most balanced and delicious beers. The following is a  list of the best craft breweries in Denver and its neighboring cities. 

Great Divide

According to Where Traveler, this brewery has a long, rich history going back to the start of the craft beer brewing scene. The Great Divide in Denver has a very impressive list of lagers, IPAs, stouts, and more. Year-round and seasonal beers are available with Great Divide’s personalized food-pairing recommendations, and the Yeti Clan stouts are as delicious as they are unique and only available at certain times of the year. Tank Farm offers an exciting reprieve from seasonal weather conditions to warm or refresh patrons’ tastes. As an esteemed recipient of many national and international awards for uniquely brewed and blended beers, Great Divide promises an unforgettable beer-tasting experience.   

Dry Dock Brewing Co.

As the premier and first craft brewery in Aurora, Dry Dock Brewing Co. is a local and visitor hotspot known for its award-winning beers. With seasonal and year-round beers to choose from, Dry Dock boasts an extraordinary array of tasty stouts, lagers, blonde and amber ales, and more. Find Coconut Belgian Dark and the Pumpkin Double Porter in Davy Jones’s Locker that has even more uniquely flavorful selections. Dry Dock’s Signature Series creates adventurous combinations of flavor while delicately balancing the lightness of its fruity elements. According to Denver Microbrew Tour, this brewery won best small brewing company in 2009.

, The Best Craft Breweries Near Denver

Avery Brewing Company

Located in the beautiful city of Boulder, Avery Brewing Company has been perfecting its beer crafting since the beginning, using only the purest ingredients to create memorable beers that defy classification. Their extensive draft menu gives the beer connoisseur plenty of IPAs, stouts, pale and sour ales, doppelbocks, and more to select from, all with alcohol content for each beer available on the menu. Unique champagne-inspired rosé and Brut ales offer effervescent refreshment with light, dreamy hints of grape and grain. An annual favorite, Rumpkin is a must-try seasonal pumpkin ale that packs a flavorful punch that is every bit as delicious as it is creative. 


Award-winning, mountainous ale painstakingly brewed for over two-decades in Idaho Springs is Tommyknocker’s specialty. With an exceptional seasonal and year-round lineup of IPAs, stouts, brown and blonde ales and more, these historically rooted brews were inspired by the gold rush in the late 1800s. The impressive selection of innovative ingredient combinations quenches the thirst in a delicate yet bold fashion, with many ales exploring the refreshing, fruity medleys of the mountains from whence they came. Tommyknocker’s year-round core beers infuse earthy elements with worldly mystique. Its cider rounds out an amazing and original selection of hand-crafted beers. 

Odell Brewing Company

Odell Brewing Company in Fort Collins brews ale to perfection with patience and vision for their innovative and richly textured stouts, IPAs, sour and extra pale ales and more. The Cellar Series offers smooth, crisp woodsy flavors with oak-aged imperial IPA and bourbon barrel imperial stout. Odell’s limited release beers effervesce with diverse blends of fruits and creams that must be enjoyed before they disappear. Year-round brews offer enduring satisfaction, while seasonal beers, such as Isolation Ale, a winter warmer, capture the essence of each season with specially selected ingredients and brewing techniques that enhance the flavor of each beer.  


, The Best Craft Breweries Near Denver 

New Belgium Brewing Company

For over 30 years, New Belgium Brewing Company has been a staple in the Fort Collins community, cultivating comradery and bringing hops-inspired delight to its thirsty citizens. Fort Collins Brewery Guide reports that this is the place for the most celebrated and widely distributed lines of New Belgium ale, with a variety of delicious Fat Tire beers to choose from. An incredibly comprehensive beer menu expands even the expert beer taster’s palate. The Voodoo Ranger selections send powerful chills up the spine with bold Atomic Pumpkin and tropical Juicy Haze. Belgian and Wood Cellar Reserve beers mingle the light airiness of the forest with the decadence of blackberry juice. 

Denver and its surrounding areas are home to creative craft breweries that capture the hearts and taste buds of every beer lover. All of these award-winning breweries craft their beers with love, care, and patience that can be tasted with each sip. The breweries apply their expertise to each glass, using a variety of innovative crafting methods and creative flavor combinations that put craft breweries in and around Denver on a must-see list of places to experience.

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