The Best Cocktails to Order at a Casino

by James Stevenson

Casinos are frequently overlooked when it comes to venues to enjoy a good quality cocktail. However, in my experience, they sometimes have some of the best themed, and/or prepared bars in the world. Maybe it’s the excessive revenue being put back into staff training and management, or the modern consumer who expects only the best when they’re paying top dollar, but whatever it is, the new age casinos are making great moves in offering high-quality cocktails to their patrons. Of course, everyone has a house cocktail menu these days, but sometimes it’s best just to order a classic drink to enjoy while you’re on the gaming floor.

, The Best Cocktails to Order at a Casino
Go for a Dry Martini:
It is a kind of sacrilege to begin the discussion about the best casino cocktails without the mention of Dry Martini. A Dry Martini is a classic made up of gin and vermouth, it’s really that simple. You can have it garnished, however, you like, however, most opt for some olives or a twist of lemon. The Dry Martini should be your first, go-to cocktail that you must order before anything else, and at least once in your lifetime.

, The Best Cocktails to Order at a Casino
Gin and Tonic Might Just Be Your Drink:
Another simple classic that you absolutely must try when you visit a casino. Gin and Tonics are mostly an acquired taste that grows on you with time, and therefore, you must allow the taste to seep in if you’re not sold straight away. Of course, it all begins with your preference in gin, however, from there, it can get even more complicated with the astounding amount of different tonic options you may come across. Of course, if you just order and gin and tonic without specifying, you’re likely to get a London Dry Gin, mixed with an Indian Tonic, which is simple, dry, and delicious.

, The Best Cocktails to Order at a Casino
Bloody Mary for a Strong Alcohol Game:
If you are an avid drinker, you might want to try this excellent and strong cocktail that we know as the Bloody Mary. This drink is quite heavy compared to the rest on the list, and in my opinion, it is best enjoyed at home. You may want to indulge in this cocktail while playing some online gambling in California, or anywhere else.

, The Best Cocktails to Order at a Casino
A Piña Colada Might Do the Trick:
The Piña Colada is one that makes a great non-alcoholic option if you want, however it is certainly tastier mixed with a great rum in my opinion. These make for the perfect poolside. cocktail in the hot sun while you’re enjoying the other amenities the casino may have to offer, or even at some casinos, they have tables in the pools, which is a win-win.