Teeling Whiskey Co. Introduces 34YO Vintage Reserve Single Malt

by James Stevenson
Teeling Whiskey Company has announced the special release of some of the oldest Irish Single Malt in the world. The Teeling 34-Year-Old Vintage Reserve Single Malt is amongst the oldest Irish Single Malt ever bottled and is a rare piece of Irish Whiskey history.
First distilled in 1983, aged exclusively in ex-American oak bourbon barrels and bottled at 40.9% this historic bottling captures a truly unique taste experience, producing a complex floral nose with deep layered flavors as a result of its 34-year journey.


The whiskey’s suggested retail price is $5,000 and there are 38 bottles total.
Jack Teeling, founder of the Teeling Whiskey Company, commented, “We are extremely proud to be able to release some of the oldest ever bottlings of Irish Single Malt in partnership with Bacardi in the US which is now the largest market in the world for Irish Whiskey. This bottling is reflective of our goal to help drive diversity in Irish whiskey by introducing interesting and unique super premium bottlings. There is nothing else like this 34 Year Old Irish Single Malt on the market and represent a rare piece of Irish whiskey history in each bottle.”

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