Strawberry and Chamomile Lemon Drops

by James Stevenson

Today I am sharing a fun recipe made with strawberries and chamomile tea. I love incorporating the subtle flavors of tea into cocktails. Recently while in Mexico I found some fun coupe shot glasses so I decided that I wanted to make a fancy lemon drop shot. This is the perfect fancy sipping shot or shot for a girls night or an afternoon tea or party. I chose to use strawberries but you could add other berries like blackberries, raspberries, or blueberries. Take you lemon drop shot to the next level and class it up with tea and berries!

, Strawberry and Chamomile Lemon Drops


  • 3 ounces of vodka
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 tablespoon honey syrup or more to taste
  • 2 ounces of cold chamomile tea
  • 3 strawberries, chopped
  • ½ to 1 cup of ice

, Strawberry and Chamomile Lemon Drops


  1. In a shaker add vodka, lemon juice, honey syrup, chamomile tea, chopped strawberries and ice
  2. Rim glasses with a sugar then shake mixture
  3. Strain shaken mixture into glasses

Serves: 3

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