Spiked Vanilla Bean Espresso

by James Stevenson

I have been dreaming of making an espresso cocktail for a while but could never come up with something that I wanted to mix with espresso. I have always had a fascination with layered drinks and thought that this Spiked Vanilla Bean Espresso would be just the drink that I layered.

, Spiked Vanilla Bean Espresso

Layered drinks seem so hard to produce, but in this case, it is super easy because the condensed milk is heavier than the coffee so it sinks to the bottom to create a beautiful milk and vanilla bean layer. I envision this drink as an after dinner drink or dessert. That’s why I added a cookie to the top, but you could add any kind of candy or cookie to make the glass look pretty. This drink will wake you up and give you drinks and dessert in one. So, here is to multitasking with this Spiked Vanilla Bean Espresso!

, Spiked Vanilla Bean Espresso


  • 1.5 ounces Belvedere Vodka
  • ¼ cup of condensed milk
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla bean paste
  • 4 ounces of cooled espresso

Garnish: Vanilla meringue cookie


  1. In a small sauce pan heat condensed milk and vanilla bean paste together on low heat for 5 minutes
  2. Take pan off heat and let mixture cool
  3. Pour cooled mixture into serving glass
  4. Stir vodka and espresso together then add mixture to serving glass with vanilla bean mixture
  5. Garnish with vanilla meringue cookie

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