Sparkles and Fireworks Cocktail

by James Stevenson

Today I wanted to focus on boozy popsicles that will help you simmer down when the temperature starts rising. I love boozy popsicles and think they are fun creative addition to any party especially when you add champagne! I created these with the 4th of July in mind but these popsicles are good for any occasion with the perfect combination of booze and frozen goodness to serve to your guest. This drink is fun, patriotic, and low maintenance. All you do is find fun firework popsicles at the grocery store and add champagne! Chill out with these fun popsicles in champagne for the ultimate boozy celebration! Start the making these today and your party guest will love you!

, Sparkles and Fireworks Cocktail


  • 4 Fireworks popsicles
  • 2-4 ounces of champagne per 4 glasses


  1. Unwrap each popsicle and place in champagne flute
  2. Fill glass half way with cold champagne
  3. Serve immediately

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