Beer Cocktails: The Secrets to Crafting the Perfect Cocktail with Beer

by James Stevenson

Beer cocktails have quickly become a thing. A large number of bars are serving beer cocktails to a growing number of enthusiasts. By blending a range of spirits with popular beers, lagers as well as IPAs, bartenders have created distinct flavors that beer lovers can barely get enough of.

No doubt many beer lovers such as you would love some tips on which beer cocktails to order when you are next in your favorite bar. Alternatively, you could learn to mix one up yourself. Not to worry; your cocktail is still as frothy as you like it.

, Beer Cocktails: The Secrets to Crafting the Perfect Cocktail with Beer

Discover Your Favourite Beer Cocktail

There are varieties of cocktails at your disposal and many a beer ‘chugger’ have found interesting cocktails made with brands they barely pay attention to. The following are some intriguing beer cocktails with tips on how to craft them.

Mayan Michelada                  

If you like Bloody Mary, then you will love the Michelada. It is easy to mix a cocktail that you can serve your friends on your next movie night in. Beer is the only alcoholic beverage you will find in this drink but you can also add a little mezcal joven to spice it up.

A Van Gogh Vodka is another way to make your Michelada pop. Your hot summer days will be a whole lot better with a cool Michelada spiked with a dash of vodka or Mezcal to cool you off. The beer brings in the froth and bubbles that make your cocktail even more interesting. 

The Bishop Haven

This cocktail consists of white rum, IPA, lime juice (fresh) elderflower liqueur, fresh raspberries, and ginger syrup. It has the fruity-tangy taste that lingers in the delightfully in the mouth. If you cannot find this cocktail in a bar, you can always mix it up yourself in the house for friends as you catch a game on the telly.

, Beer Cocktails: The Secrets to Crafting the Perfect Cocktail with Beer

Acai-Blueberry Beer Cooler Cocktail

If you have a little adventure inside of you, this outrageous cocktail will do. However, it is an easy-to-make cocktail, very balanced. In addition, it refreshes you making it a favorite during the hot summer months. You can order one when you visit Vamos and get the expert to stir up a nice glass for you.

The recipe is as follows:

  •         5 raspberries
  •         2 oz Van Gogh Acai-Blueberry Vodka
  •         4 oz. India Pale Ale
  •         1.5 oz. lemonade

Shake all the ingredients (do not shake the beer) and strain over ice into a glass. Top up with the beer and stir. A highball glass is the best for effect. Add some Mint sprig and raspberries to garnish.


This is what one would call an augmented mimosa. You get grapefruit beer, gin, and ginger liqueur. This beer cocktail packs quite a punch and is quite refreshing.

The Tamarind Pulp

This tasty beer cocktail is made with sweet tamarind infused sherry wine, tamarind simple syrup, hard cider, and apple juice. It is the perfect cocktail to have in the fridge for a longed-for cool down from the summer heat.


A lot of these cocktails may have you forgetting that there is beer in the concoction since they will definitely be tastier than your favorite beer. There is nothing than a cool beer cocktail to while away the hot summer afternoons as you catch a game or movie with family and friends.

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