Save the Environment One Shot at a Time By Supporting These Distilleries

by James Stevenson

When most people think of ways to save the environment, actions like picking up trash and riding a bike instead of driving are what come to mind. However, you can show your support for the environment as well as your favorite liquor brands. All kinds of distilleries have been doing their part for the environment, and you can show your gratitude by patronizing these brands.


Bacardi is one of the most respected names in liquor, but did you know that they’re also one of the eco-friendliest brands? Bacardi started tracking their carbon footprint in 2006, and since then have reduced energy usage by 30% and water by 54%. Many of their projects involve using renewable energy and carbon-offset strategies. Most impressively, less than 1% of Bacardi-produced waste ends up in landfills. This shows that, despite being one of the biggest names in liquor, Bacardi hasn’t lost sight of the difference that they can make in our world.

Peak Spirits

Colorado-based Peak Spirits makes the most of their location. For their CapRock Organic Gin, they source organic apples, many of which come from farms in the area. The water is also locally sourced, making use of the wealth of natural resources in beautiful Colorado.

Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos

Eco-friendliness often comes through innovation. We can keep CO2 levels down if we have more businesses that are run like Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos. Located in the Dominican Republic, this distillery doesn’t just make Ron Barceló rum. They also make what could be waste into something with purpose. They turn leftover pulp into fuel. This practice allows them to keep their business running while using fewer nonrenewable resources.


Having a name like “Greenbar” means raising the expectation that your products are eco-friendly. Fortunately, this Los Angeles-based distillery is up to the task. They focus on staying organic and not being wasteful. They also give back to the environment by planting trees based on the number of bottles that they sell. Companies like Greenbar help us to breathe much better while enhancing the beauty of nature by planting trees.

When you celebrate by opening a bottle of your favorite rum, whiskey, or other liquor, knowing that you’re making a difference for the environment can lead to even greater elation. If you care about the environment, be sure to put these brands first. When you fix yourself a drink, you can relish being such a conscious shopper.

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