Rosa del Año

by James Stevenson

Today I am sharing a fun stirred cocktail that is inspired by my time in Chile. Before the holidays I was lucky enough to snag a reservation at Boragó, which is ranked number 36 on the The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The chef Rodolfo Guzmán forages a lot of rare herbs and ingredients from the surrounding landscape of Santiago as well as other places like the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. While dining at Boragó I had an amazing dessert called Rosa del Año ice cream sandwich which was covered in dried rose petals that only bloom once a year in the Atacama Desert. Well that prompted an obsession for me to find this dried rose for a cocktail. I went to several gourmet grocery stores to stock up on wine during the holiday season and finally after a week of searching found a bottle of gorgeous rose petals. These rose petals are fairly unique and if you can’t get your hands on them I’m sure you can find dried rose buds or petals at a store near you, I usually go hunting in specialty markets for them when I am home. Because I had to use the rose petals in a drink I had to find a reason and while at the store I came across a great Chilean pisco and knew it was the perfect base ingredient for my Chilean cocktail. To give this libation its beautiful color I mixed in some Aperol, which also doubled as a bit of a sweetener and really balances well with the Aperol. As this was a straight booze concoction I opted to add a little bite and depth in the form of an Amaro and just luckily had a bottle of Amaro di Angostura sitting around from a recent project. Everything came together perfectly and in no time I was sitting around with friends enjoying delicious cocktails covered with beautiful rose petals.

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