Raspberry Aperol Float

by James Stevenson

Here’s the question of the day: Do you drink your dessert? My answer is yes but I know I am slightly bias. I have never been much of a dessert person. Even as a kid I never wanted frosting on my birthday cakes. I really only liked my great aunt’s chocolate liquor cake. My streak for booze came early! So, most of the time at a restaurant I would much rather have a nightcap or some type of cocktail to end my meal instead of a dessert.

, Raspberry Aperol Float

I know that this does not appeal to everyone so I have made a drink that is the middle ground. This drink has raspberry sorbet which is the dessert part and Aperol and champagne which is the booze part. I am currently obsessed with Aperol! It has awesome flavors and is very versatile. What could be better than a dessert float? Nothing. You must make this for your friends. They will freak out.


  • 3 scoops of raspberry sorbet
  • 2 ounces of Aperol
  • Top off with champagne (1/4 of a cup)

Garnish: Fresh raspberries


  1. Place scoops of sorbet in the serving glass
  2. Add Aperol to serving glass
  3. Top off with champagne
  4. Garnish with raspberries

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