Plantation “The Collector” Jamaican Rum

by James Stevenson

Plantation Rum’s Alexandre Gabriel Announces The Creation of PLANTATION “THE COLLECTOR” JAMAICAN RUM, A Limited Edition Made for Steve Remsberg, Esteemed Private Rum Collector

And The Launch of THE FERRAND PLANTATION FOUNDATION, A House for Research and Preservation of Rum Cultures and Techniques Open to Scholars and Aficionados

Ars, France (July 19, 2018) – When Alexandre Gabriel, master blender of Plantation Rum met rum collector Steve Remsberg for the first time, he never thought he would be creating a rum named after him.  When Steve challenged Alexandre to create a special bottling, they knew their collective love of rum would take them to new adventures. As a result of this challenge comes Alexandre Gabriel’s new limited edition Plantation “The Collector” Jamaican Rum, which features Steve’s face on the label. Produced with rums made in the legendary Long Pond Distillery in Jamaica, only 999 bottles of “The Collector” will be released in the U.S. and Europe.

, Plantation “The Collector” Jamaican Rum

In line with both Alexandre and Steve’s devotion to sharing their love of rum with others, all proceeds from the sale of “The Collector” will be donated to the newly established Ferrand Plantation Foundation. A center for rum research and education located in the 18th century Chateau de Roissac in France, which will be open to scholars and rum aficionados from around the world.

On July 18, 2018 in New Orleans, the first taste of “The Collector” Jamaican Rum took place at a private dinner attended by some of the world’s most celebrated rum experts and aficionados. Hosted by Alexandre Gabriel with Steve Remsberg as the guest of honor, the evening began with an air of mystique as guests were not told the reason for the dinner. At this dinner, Alexandre proudly announced to the guests the creation of the newly-established Ferrand Plantation Foundation and the launch of “The Collector” Jamaican Rum. Alexandre presented Steve with Bottle #1/999 in a special 3-liter format.

, Plantation “The Collector” Jamaican Rum

“The Collector rum is a remarkable tribute to a man who has been absolutely passionate for decades about sourcing some of the world’s most rare and forgotten styles of rum,” says Martin Cate, owner of Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco. “Combined with the excellence in blending and the supreme resources that Alexandre Gabriel has access to, it’s a match made in heaven to help create a unique and lost flavor profile that has been missing for ages.”

Jeff Berry, owner of Latitude 29 in New Orleans said of The Collector Jamaican Rum, “A rum worthy of the face on the label!”

Steve and Alexandre first met a few years back during Tales of the Cocktail. Alexandre says, “At a Master Class I taught in New Orleans, an elegant gentleman approached me with a challenge. He said he had several bottles of old rums at home, among them one that he considered one of ‘the best rums in the world.’ It was a special old Jamaican rum that has been out of production for decades. He had only four bottles remaining in his collection and said that would not be enough to last him through his golden years! He challenged me and thought that I would be the one capable of recreating it.”

, Plantation “The Collector” Jamaican Rum

Steve Remsberg is known for having one of the most curated private collections of premium and rare rum in the world totaling more than 1,000 bottles in his collection in New Orleans. His collecting began when he was an attorney for the Merchant Marine. When Steve would take off for his duties in the Caribbean, he always went prepared with an empty suitcase to fill with treasures found in the islands’ rum shops. Now retired from the Merchant Marines, he is not retired from his more than fifty years of collecting exceptional bottles of rum.

Alexandre says, “I had the great fortune to explore Steve’s extraordinary collection, sharing with him his favorite, the mythical old Jamaica, which he asked me to recreate. I finally left with the priceless bottle tucked under my arm, and a quest to fulfill Steve’s dream. When Steve finally tasted my sample, I was nervously waiting for his comment. This extremely rare edition is my gift to my dear friend Steve. In his honor, we named it “The Collector”.

When Steve tasted “The Collector” for the first time, he said to Alexandre, “At last, the taste that I have been looking for since 1972.”

Steve Remsberg and Alexandre Gabriel announced on July 18, 2018 that the rare rum collection that Steve has been building for more than 50 years will be donated in its entirety to the FERRAND PLANTATION FOUNDATION. In 2017, Maison Ferrand purchased the Chateau de Roissac, a historic estate in France that was built in the 18thcentury and established this manor as the home of the newly-formed Ferrand Plantation Foundation. This estate represents the brick and mortar site of Alexandre’s vision to establish a House completely dedicated to rum research and education. It will include vintage documents, books and papers amassed by Alexandre’s tireless search for information about the ancient techniques of making rum. The estate is currently being restored by three talented artisans from the Maison Ferrand team. Within the house, Alexandre is dedicating The Remsberg Room where Steve’s collection will have a permanent home so that his legacy lives on.  In this room, guests will be able to watch videos of Steve explaining the history of each bottle and how they were acquired. The Ferrand Plantation Foundation will be open to rum aficionados, collectors, scholars and fans.

, Plantation “The Collector” Jamaican Rum

“I think a lot of people were wondering what’s going to happen to Steven Remsberg’s collection, would it be dispersed among collectors?” said Paul McGee, Co-owner of Lost Lake in Chicago. “I’m really relieved to find out that it will be housed in this Foundation that Alexandre is starting in this wonderful building with all of the bottles completely intact and all together.”

Steve Remsberg said about The Foundation: “I’m very excited about Alexandre’s plans and dreams for this Foundation. My intention in putting together the collection, for the last 25 or so years anyway, has been that somebody in the future could use if for research into rum history or rum heritage. So I’m very, very optimistic. I know that Alexandre is committed to it, to keep it in one piece and what more of a heritage could anybody ask.”


In 2017 Maison Ferrand acquired West Indies Rum, an ancient Barbados distillery which became a co-owner of National rums of Jamaica, a company which owns the Clarendon Distillery and the famed Long Pond Distillery. Alexandre and his rum team created “The Collector” from rums produced at Long Pond. “The Collector” is a blend of very old and rare rums distilled in 1996 (ITP mark) and 2000 (CRV and ITP marks) in a combination of Blair column (CRV) and John Dore pot still (ITP). The rum was aged in Jamaica for 17 years in Bourbon casks and 1 more year in Ferrand casks in France. Presented at 43% ABV, “The Collector” features: Esters at 237 gr/hL AA; Volatile Compounds at 775 gr/hL AA and Dosage at 0 gr/L.

Only 999 bottles of Plantation “The Collector” Jamaican Rum will be produced.

, Plantation “The Collector” Jamaican Rum


Origin: Jamaica

Distillery: Long Pond Distillery, Jamaica

Raw Material: Molasses

Fermentation: 1 week (CRV) and 2 weeks (ITP)

Distillation: Blair Column (CRV) and John Dore pot still (ITP)

Tropical ageing: 17 years in Bourbon casks, Jamaica

Continental ageing: 1 year in Ferrand casks, Chateau de Bonbonnet, France

Volatile Substances: 775 g/hL AA

Dosage: 0 g/L

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