Planning a Road Trip to Durham?

by James Stevenson

Graybeard Distillery Unveils the Secret to Crafting Bedlam Vodka

Durham distillery launches a series of tasting tours to reveal the innovative process behind the beloved spirit

DURHAM, N.C. (November 20, 2018) Graybeard Distillery, the largest grain-to-glass distiller in North Carolina, will officially open its doors to Durham’s community of spirit-lovers on Saturday, December 1. Complete with a mind-blowing distillation process and state-of-the-art equipment, the distillery will launch facility tours – a behind-the-scenes look inviting liquor-loving fans to experience the unique distillation process of their flagship spirit, Bedlam Vodka.

, Planning a Road Trip to Durham?

The immersive 45-minute tours of the facility and its tasting room will kick off at just $15 a pop. During each tour, guests can expect a deep dive into the highly drinkable Bedlam Vodka’s background and its non-GMO rice genetics, an up-close and personal look at the distilling process, and a sip of the spirit along the way. Tours will take place every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at times on the company website – tour sizes are limited.

, Planning a Road Trip to Durham?

A taste long in the making, Bedlam’s behind-the-scenes debut is a moment its hard-working team has been anticipating for quite some time. “We have taken great strides in trying to bring back to life a centuries-old family spirit,” says co-founder Brandon Evans. “And to be able to open our doors and unveil all of the passion that goes into each Bedlam bottle is a really exciting step for us.”

, Planning a Road Trip to Durham?

In 2016, founders Brandon Evans, Sam Searcy, Ron Templeton, Scott Russ, and Brad Evans launched Bedlam Vodka after Russ introduced the group to his family recipe that originated in Bedlam, Ireland. Today, Bedlam serves as an industry leader with its long grain white rice-based recipe that offers both a smooth drinkability and aromatic flavor profile not found in other vodka brands.

, Planning a Road Trip to Durham?

Graybeard Distillery is located at 4625 Industry Lane, Durham, N.C. 27713. Tours will be available Thursdays through Saturdays, beginning Saturday, December 1, and can be purchased online for $15 per person. For more information about Bedlam Vodka, visit the website or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

About Bedlam Vodka and Graybeard Distillery, Inc.

A rebellion in taste 170 years in the making, Bedlam Vodka derives its name from Bedlam, Ireland, and blends an old Irish family recipe with American long-grain white rice to produce a hand-crafted and gluten-free spirit. The distillery was established in the heart of Durham, N.C., in 2016 by co-founders Brandon Evans, Sam Searcy, Ron Templeton, Scott Russ, and Brad Evans. Since then, Bedlam has served as an exclusive backstage spirit at the 51st CMA Awards and at ESPN’s ESPY awards pre-show. Bedlam was named one of the top four global “Best New Vodkas of 2017” by Supercall, and most recently Bedlam was included among the top 10 American craft vodka brands by USA Trade Tasting. Bedlam Vodka can be found in liquor stores, retailers and restaurants throughout the U.S. For more information on Bedlam Vodka, visit www.bedlamvodka.com or write to [email protected].

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