Orchard Coffee Setting a New Standard in Waynesville, NC

by James Stevenson

A new 17 seat coffee shop has opened mere steps away from Main Street, Waynesville, NC; and it’s AWESOME! The former art studio, where Orchard Coffee now resides, has been bought back to life by the Tice family. Cabell, the artist behind the operation, along with his wife and mother, has put a whole lot of love, and labor into the extensive restoration of the structure over the past 9 months. As soon as we strolled into the bright, contemporary space, embellished with local artisanal artwork, we were welcomed like old friends, and the entire encounter was very welcoming. The venue design equals that of trendy coffee shops located in cities throughout the world, yet they haven’t lost the casual, convivial vibe you would expect to encounter in a modest township such as Waynesville.

, Orchard Coffee Setting a New Standard in Waynesville, NCCabell himself has earned the title of World Latte Art Champion, not only once, but 3 times, in competitions judged in Seattle (2013) and New York City (2013/2014). Of course, the beverages at Orchard don’t just look great, but thanks to Cabell’s selection of coffee beans and familiarity of roasters around the country, and the world, Cabell also pulls an excellent espresso and offers balanced pour over coffee. At the moment he is working with Bindle Coffee from Colorado and Methodical Coffee from South Carolina.

, Orchard Coffee Setting a New Standard in Waynesville, NC

Don’t forget about the fresh, house-made pastries that are mixed, beaten and whipped up in the industrial kitchen out the back by Mrs. Tice herself each morning. These tasty little treats have been selling out each day, and I personally enjoyed one of their delightful peanut butter cookies, and can’t wait to return and work my way through the rest of the offerings.

, Orchard Coffee Setting a New Standard in Waynesville, NC

The character of the old structure hasn’t been lost or forgotten at all, it has simply been renewed; the exposed ceiling beams, vintage glass block windows and wood paneling throughout the venue remind you of the history of the building itself. Orchard hasn’t been designed for those who are in a hurry; it’s a casual space, where time and attention is embedded into everything the trio creates. Say hi to the team, order your coffee, relax, and savor the excellent tunes from their curated playlist (Spotify). Oh… and say hi from us!

, Orchard Coffee Setting a New Standard in Waynesville, NC

Monday – Sunday

7 am – 6 pm

39 Depot St, Waynesville, NC 28786

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