Holiday Piña ‘Orchata

by James Stevenson

I don’t know about you, but for me the holidays means a whole lot of entertaining, whether it’s friends or family and that usually means there is some form of drinking involved. I love mixing up cocktails for a small group and sometimes it can be fun for a big party but more often than not I just want to enjoy myself so I tend to alleviate the brunt of the work load by mixing up a big punch and letting everyone serve themselves.

, Holiday Piña ‘Orchata

That’s what led me to create this Holiday Piña ‘Orchata, because after mixing this up at the beginning of an evening you can just sit back and enjoy catching up with everyone. The added benefit of this punch is that it is low in alcohol so you can enjoy more of it and it has a little kick that pairs so well with the pineapple juice.

, Holiday Piña ‘Orchata

The Puerto Rican rum used as the base for Chila ‘Orchata works great in this punch as it really brings a great balance to the entire concoction. At its essence this punch wants to be a Piña Colada but with the help of Chila ‘Orchata we took it to the next level and added in some delicious spice notes of cinnamon and a little added sweetness of Tahitian vanilla.

, Holiday Piña ‘Orchata


  • 1 bottle Chila ‘Orchata
  • 1 bottle pineapple juice (½ gallon)
  • 1 bottle coconut milk (½ gallon)


  1. In a punch bowl combine all ingredients with a bag of ice (approximately)
  2. Stir to mix ingredients
  3. Garnish & Enjoy!

, Holiday Piña ‘Orchata

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