Hibiscus Absolut Martini

by James Stevenson

A tiny village in southern Sweden with a population of around 9,400 is the individual source for all things Absolut Vodka. Ahus is the village that brings together local farmers and distillers to craft the consistently quality product that is Absolut Original. The constant commitment to exceptional quality sets Absolut apart from other mass produced and self-proclaimed craft competitors. Despite being mass-produced Absolut is in fact a craft product. Absolut produces their neutral spirit using locally sourced wheat washed and distilled with water from a deep well within Ahus using a continuous distillation process introduced by the founding distiller Lars Olsen Smith in 1879 when Absolut was first distilled under the original brand name Absolut Brent Brvinâ (Absolute Pure Vodka). This creates a vodka which is great for blending cocktails. The natural ingredients used to make the vodka give it a rich, smooth, and mellow wheat flavor accompanied by hints of dried fruit enhances everything from punches to martinis. The consistency of quality and flavor give this vodka versatility so that the consumer can drink it neat or make their favorite cocktail without uncertainty.

, Hibiscus Absolut Martini

The recipe below is a hibiscus martini that highlights Absolut Original vodka without hiding the flavor. A hibiscus syrup is added to the vodka to elevate the typical martini.  The tartness and sweetness of the syrup exemplifies the dried fruit flavor notes of the vodka.


  • 2 parts of Absolut Original Vodka
  • 1 part of hibiscus syrup (* recipe below)
  • ½ cup of ice
  • Sugar for the rim

Garnish: Dried hibiscus flower and sugared rim


  1. Rim serving glass with sugar
  2. Fill shaker with ice, hibiscus syrup and Absolut Original Vodka
  3. Shake for 20 seconds then strain into serving glass
  4. Garnish with dried hibiscus flowers

Yields: 1 serving

Recipe: Hibiscus Syrup (Flor de Jamaica)


  • 3 cups of water
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • 2 inch piece of sliced ginger
  • 1.5 cups of dried hibiscus flower (Flor de Jamaica)


  1. In a sauce pan combine sugar, water, dried hibiscus flower, cinnamon stick and sliced ginger
  2. Let it boil for until sugar dissolves
  3. Strain mixture and let it cool
  4. Extra syrup may be stored in a glass container for up to a week

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