Gulden Draak Game Night

by James Stevenson

Today I am sharing all the details of a recent game night that I hosted at my house featuring Gulden Draak beer and challenged my friends to #ConquerTheDragon. While most of you may wonder where the cocktails were hiding- well let me tell you a little hostess secret-when you find an amazing beer that you just have to crack open you may never go back to those complex cocktails especially for a fun game night that you should enjoy. Some of the reasons that I love Gulden Draak beer and tips are included below:

, Gulden Draak Game Night

Beer There are two varieties of Gulden Draak including the standard in the white bottle and the Gulden Draak Quadruple that is featured in a black bottle. They are both 10.5% ABV. The standard Gulden Draak has tasting notes that include barley, plums, cherries, and a coffee scent

The Presentation You all know that I have to have a beautiful boozy treat in my hand well this bottle my friends is spectacular. The white bottle with the black banner and lets not forget the golden dragon really makes the presentation stand out from other beers on the market.

, Gulden Draak Game Night

The Taste I could go on about the taste forever and I have a billion cocktail ideas but having this beer just as it is offers such a unique experience. The unique flavor includes complex hints of caramel, roasted malt and coffee combo with a creamy hazelnut head.

How should I drink it? Gulden Draak can be enjoyed before dinner or with dessert as well as during a game night with friends. It is very versatile and is excellent paired with food including hearty stews, red meat, or a dark chocolate dessert. The best idea is invite friends over for heavy appetizers and desserts.

, Gulden Draak Game Night

Cocktails If you want to take this beer to the next level it is an excellent accompaniment to cocktails. One idea is to replace the whiskey in an Irish coffee with Gulden Draak.

Awards The ChefsBest formerly known as the American Tasting Institute also named it the Best Tasting Beer in the world in 1998.

Where do I find Gulden Draak Beer? Check out the Gulden Draak Facebook page for more information and zip code locator.

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