Gourmet Entertaining with Harry & David

by James Stevenson

We are super excited to partner with Harry & David for the launch of their new fall products and sparkling wine. One of the best ways to spend time with friends is to stay in and enjoy a meal or evening of drinks and appetizers, so we wanted to highlight some of the Harry & David Gourmet selection of appetizers, entrées, desserts and wines designed for gourmet connoisseurs, such as ourselves (we like to think). Of course, we wanted all the wine and charcuterie, and once we looked into the sparkling wine from Southern Oregon, we realized it would be a perfect pairing. We were hosting just a small gathering, so the organic charcuterie & cheese was all we needed, but we were excited about the newest products they have introduced, such as a gourmet prime rib, lobster truffle mac & cheese, and so much more.
, Gourmet Entertaining with Harry & David
The new Harry & David sparkling wine really caught our attention, with a unique blend of four different varietals grown in Southern Oregon and a light citrus aroma with notes of crisp apple and pear that finishes with a hint of fresh grapefruit for an elegantly clean finish. This sparkling wine paired stunningly with everything of course, however, it really shined with the creamy cheeses and smoked meats.
, Gourmet Entertaining with Harry & David
For our gathering, we opted for the following:

, Gourmet Entertaining with Harry & David

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