Glen Fohdry Speyside Single Malt Scotch

by James Stevenson

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Scotch Vibes! I don’t have a lot of Scotch in my bar & I really need to change ASAP -so I headed back to Total Wine & More to explore the Scotch section & pick up some gifts. Usually, I am all about cocktails but I really love sipping on a dram & trying new things especially when it comes to whisky.  

Where are all my friends that hate making decisions? Well, one reason I love shopping at Total Wine & More is the staff help you make the BEST decisions so you aren’t wandering around, feeling overwhelmed and incapable of choosing a whisky with so many options lol. I can’t say enough about how spot-on their recommendations are!

, Glen Fohdry Speyside Single Malt Scotch

Once I arrived at Total Wine & More I was immediately drawn to this Limited-Edition Glen Fohdry Speyside Single Malt Scotch that has been finished in Japanese Mizunara Oak. It has aromas that are bright & vibrant with zesty green apple notes. The flavor is sweet with deep vanilla oak notes. This whisky is so DELISH! I def had to buy more than a bottle! 

The next thing I wanted to buy was a holiday gift pack & I was super excited when I saw that Glen Fohdry had a trilogy of three different Speyside Single Mat Scotch Whiskies. HELLO – It’s time to gift a whisky and cheese pairing (I have one in my BOOK if you need direction on how to do the pairing) OR have a whisky tasting with friends for a fun virtual event. 

, Glen Fohdry Speyside Single Malt Scotch

As soon as I walked into the door at Total Wine & More the staff helped me find both of these whiskies. I was very impressed with the price point AND even more impressed with the knowledge and customer service of the staff! It took all the pressure off of me making a decision.  I could have walked out with everything in Total Wine & More as it is a booze lovers paradise!