Festive Patrón Bottle Art

by James Stevenson

Patrón has just released their first ever 1 liter Patrón Silver Tequila bottle. I am currently obsessed with this bottle and can’t wait to give it to all my friends and family as gifts during the holidays. To commemorate the holiday season Patrón has embellished the limited edition bottle with their signature Patrón bee rendered in pewter. The fun doesn’t have to end simply because the bottle is empty with a bottle like this as it is great when repurposed into festive holiday décor. For example, after an evening in with friends I was left with a lot of cleaning up and an empty bottle in my hands. I decided the cleaning could wait and set to creating a little fun piece of string art with my friends using the beautiful Patrón bottle as the centerpiece. This project was very easy first you pick out a rustic piece of wood for the base. Then you cut a small whole in the center of base for the lights to funnel through so that they can be plugged in. Next you construct the tree by making an outline with nails and stringing the green string in a fun pattern. Then do the same thing for yellow thread to construct the star. After the tree is complete attach the patron bottle filled with lights to the wood. Plug in the lights and you have a awesome holiday piece to decorate your home for the holidays!

, Festive Patrón Bottle Art

Are you ready to have a fun DIY #ArtofPatron holiday art party? This is a fun project to do with friends and/or family while sipping on margaritas! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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