Festive Gin and Tonic

by James Stevenson

Excited to talk about one of my favorite accessories for cocktails and that is ICE. I am currently obsessed with the Tovolo Ice Spheres from Spectrum Diversified Products because they are so easy to use and bring another level of festive to your signature cocktail. I like to put flowers, herbs, and fruits into the spheres then freeze them for 4-6 hours. After that, they are ready for your cocktail. These spheres are very versatile and I like using them in everything from Gin and Tonics to Old Fashioned to Non-Alcoholic serves.

, Festive Gin and Tonic

I specifically like making Gin and Tonics that have herbs, flowers, and citrus frozen in the sphere to take the drink from basic to festive. Essentially, I am freezing the garnish into the sphere so it serves a dual purpose so I don’t even need to worry about the garnish because it has been frozen inside. See recipe below:

, Festive Gin and Tonic


  • 2 ounces of gin (I used Empress Gin, which is blue then changes to purple when tonic is added)
  • Top with tonic


  1. Freeze herbs, flowers, and citrus into Tovolo Sphere Molds
  2. Add sphere to glass
  3. Add gin then top with tonic
  4. Enjoy!

, Festive Gin and Tonic

Some of the main benefits of these spheres and other Tovolo Craft Ice molds include:

  1. They keep cocktails colder for longer. They melt slower so you can enjoy your drink without all the dilution.
  2. Adds a fresher taste and sophisticated look and finish to sipping drinks like bourbon, whiskey, and gin. Other popular uses are for an Old-Fashioned, milk/cream cocktails, mocktails, iced coffee, and party punch.
  3. You can use the molds for other treats such as ice lollipops and ice balls for chilled coffee.
  4. Tovolo’s plastic ice molds have benefits that silicone molds do not: the ice holds its shape better, the mold does not retain odors or freezer burn smell from repeated use, and storing it vertically in the freezer prevents water from spilling out when placing it in the freezer
  5. Various unique mold options are available for any occasion: golf ball, rose, bulldog, anchor, mustache, skull, and the tiki ice mold are some novelty options. There’s also heart swizzle sticks for Valentine’s Day, your classic sphere, Perfect Cube

As a digital nomad, I always have these packed in my suitcase so I can easily make AMAZING ice wherever I go. They only take 4-6 hours to freeze so I make a lot in advance and keep them in my freezer to have on hand at all times.

In addition to making your drinks more festive and sophisticated, Tovolo has many products to help you enjoy the holiday season including whisks, spatulas, baking sheets, and much more.

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