Creative Ways to Be Part of the Cocktail Cart Comeback

by James Stevenson

As many as 28% of young people prefer drinking at home to going out, according to a recent Mintel study. There’s a lot of discussion about why that is, but many have a similar picture in mind for the millennial drinker: a cheap 6-pack on the couch or a bottle of wine in the kitchen. This isn’t the whole picture at all though. Instead, part of this trend is explained by the return of things like the in-home bar and the cocktail cart. Additions like these make hosting at home a very respectable, and yet still cost-conscious, decision. Adding classic or creative cocktails can easily make an at-home party as good an option as going out.

, Creative Ways to Be Part of the Cocktail Cart Comeback

Cabin Drinking Dens

So, as home bars make an undeniable comeback, you might be asking yourself, how can I incorporate a drinking den or cocktail cart into my life? Turning your cabin into a dedicated drinking space is one especially cozy option for a cocktail cart. Whether finishing off newly-built log cabin kits with a tucked-away beverage cart or centering your cabin decoration around cocktails, it can be a lot of fun to turn your home away from home into the perfect drinks and entertainment space. Plus it’s okay to go a bit kitschy in cabin decoration, which is all the better for home bar decor.

Bringing Your Bar Outside

As even some restaurants go back to bar carts, the benefits of mobility are clear. One way to really take advantage of this is by bringing your cocktail cart outside. Whether poolside or grill-side, classic cocktails elevate any party and can make summer entertaining a lot easier. You can even fit your featured cocktails to party themes, using your cocktail cart as a way to set the mood.

, Creative Ways to Be Part of the Cocktail Cart Comeback

Stocking Your Cart

So, one thing to consider is what you’re going to be drinking. If classic cocktails are the kind of entertainment you’re going for, a cart or set of shelves is a great way to integrate a bar into your home or cabin. If you have a lot of people to serve though, or also want to keep wine and beer on hand, a full in-home bar is better. This gives you more space for different glasses, along with access to a fridge. Even with a focus on cocktails, a larger bar gives you more space for ingredients so, mixologists might go for the basement bar over a cart alone. Whatever you decide, there are many ways to incorporate an at-home bar into entertaining. Once you start using yours, it will be easy to see why so many are more than happy to stay at home.

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