Coronavirus and the Bar and Restaurant Industry – What You Should Know

by James Stevenson

Since the public has become aware of the coronavirus epidemic, their view of bars and restaurants has been altered. Patronage has been down, as Governors have shut down operations, restricted hours, or even required all bars and restaurants to serve customers outside only. The most successful establishments have adapted fast, introducing ways for customers to dine-out, eat outdoors, or even receive curbside service. This is what you need to know about how coronavirus will continue to impact the restaurant and bar industry long after the pandemic has been declared over.

, Coronavirus and the Bar and Restaurant Industry – What You Should Know

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

The Shift to Takeout and Delivery Service

Instead of taking care of customers that come in for a bite to eat, restaurants have turned increasingly to takeout orders. Even bars have been able to start increasing takeout orders as plenty of states have changed the rules on selling alcoholic beverages to customers who will not be eating on-premises. Coronavirus has made everyone look at socializing and being entertained differently. Having your favorite restaurant deliver your food and streaming a new movie at home is now the standard alternative to the customary dinner and a movie out on the town.

The New Way to Provide Indoor Dining Options

If you want to go to a restaurant today, there’s a chance that you will only be able to be seated outdoors. Because coronavirus is thought to be spread more easily indoors, so situations, where you are in close proximity to others, can put you at risk. Many bars and restaurants have not been able to have their ventilation systems upgraded. In addition, many restaurants would only be able to serve a dozen or fewer customers due to the distance between tables. Many restaurants are installing bars and introducing new table designs that will maximize space between diners.

Assuring Your Patrons That Your Establishment is Safe to Visit

More than anything else, your customers just want to get back to normal. Someday soon, you will be able to have your bar or restaurant packed to maximum capacity, with diners and patrons feeling comfortable about socializing in close proximity to everyone there. What will change is how you protect the health of your staff and customers.

Due to changes in public health code, your establishment may be required to have sneeze guards in place. Plexiglass sneeze guards can be used by businesses in the food service, grocery, and retail industries. Look for products that are all manufactured in the U.S. and meet the standards set by public health officials. Protect your customers by installing sneeze guards and require everyone present to wear a mask when they are not eating or drinking.

The bar and restaurant industry will survive the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, there may be many establishments that don’t make it. The best performing businesses have already started to implement new protections to ward against the spread of coronavirus. They have trained their staff on how to safely serve customers and keep themselves healthy. By making these and other changes, people will come to start going out to eat again as soon as they feel things are back to normal.