Cognac Old Pal

by James Stevenson

All great recipes lead back to the Negroni! Well, not all, but a lot of them really do and this cocktail is certainly one of the delicious ones that probably already has a different name, it’s probably French, but I am loving this version the Old Pal that is really another version of a Negroni.

After Manhattan Month last month, I had some Vya Vermouth left over and was playing around with recipes that allowed it to be put to use. I was going to make a Negroni, and while I was experimenting with different ingredients to fill that 3rd and most crucial spot I was drawn to a bottle of Martell Cordon Bleu that has been sitting on my shelf. It worked deliciously and the use of the dry vermouth in place of the sweet vermouth really allows the notes from the Martell to show through.

, Cognac Old Pal



  • Combine ingredients in a mixing glass with ice
  • Stir to chill and combine ingredients
  • Fine Strain into a brandy glass over an ice cube
  • Garnish, Smoke & Enjoy!

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