Cognac-Expert.com to Release Sélection No2 Extra Cognac

by James Stevenson
Sophie & Max Introduce Sélection N° 2 EXTRA Cognac
There will only be 500 bottles of this second, premium private-label release
from the brother and sister duo behind Cognac-Expert


POULLIGNAC, France (December 2018) –  Sophie and Max are pleased to announce the international release of Sélection N° 2 EXTRA Cognac. This marks the second in the series of Sophie & Max Sélection Cognac, a line of signature limited edition Cognacs selected by Sophie and Max with the intent of attracting global attention to regional artisan producers. The sales of these limited releases directly benefit the producers and help them maintain their family brands.


For this collaboration, Sophie and Max selected an EXTRA Cognac, created and specially bottled by Domaine de Birius. Sélection No 2 is a Petite Champagne Cognac with a distinct, “pure and dry” taste profile, comprised of three outstanding vintages: 1975, 1982, and 1989. Remarkable for a Cognac of its age, Sélection N°2 is characterized by its freshness and is less sweet and a little more fruity than its precursor, Sélection N° 1. Featuring a round and elegant palate, this Cognac boasts only a touch of spice and a dry finish with a hint of smoke. Distinguishing flavors of the blend include pear wine, saffron, pepper, and clove.


“It was inspiring to work so closely with Elodie Bouyer, who we’ve know for many years. At only 28 years old, she has developed an incredible talent as a master blender and runs her family’s Cognac house with such devotion,” said Sophie von Olfers.

, Cognac-Expert.com to Release Sélection No2 Extra CognacThis extremely limited-edition Cognac evokes purity. The eaux-de-vie that make up the blend originate exclusively from the prime Petite Champagne growth area. The grape harvests, which were subsequently distilled and aged in oak, come from three select vintage barrels and were assembled by master blender Elodie Bouyer herself to create this extraordinary Cognac.


“What is unique about Sélection N° 2 is that it is blended from only three vintages and therefore impossible to recreate once it’s gone. Domaine de Birius make sophisticated Cognacs in small quantities–something Sophie and I very much appreciate in the day and age of overproduction,” said Max von Olfers.


Sélection N° 2 EXTRA Cognac is available exclusively via Cognac Expert, the siblings’ acclaimed blog, Cognac shop, and global resource on the spirit. Sophie and Max run Cognac Expert from their agricultural estate in the French countryside and are deeply connected to the Cognac region and its people, with family roots in Charente dating three generations back. 500 bottles of Sélection N° 2 EXTRA Cognac (40% ABV/ 750ml) are available for $170 or €142
 and ship internationally. To purchase the bottle, click here.

, Cognac-Expert.com to Release Sélection No2 Extra CognacABOUT COGNAC EXPERT

Cognac-Expert.com is the leading online information, blog, and shop specializing purely on Cognac. Brother and sister team, Max and Sophie, run Cognac Expert from their family estate in the French Cognac region. The website provides information about everything imaginable relating to Cognac to a global readership and customer base, and offers a diverse range of Cognac to Cognac lovers around the globe.



Elodie Bouyer is one of the youngest master blenders in the region, continuing her family’s craft of over 10 generations. Domaine de Birius is a small, family-run, certified sustainable vineyard and distillery, pioneering a philosophy of quality and ecology. Sélection N° 2 EXTRA Cognac is a Petite Champagne blend made up of three outstanding vintages: 1975, 1982, and 1989. This blend has a distinct “pure & dry” taste profile, gentle on the palate, with hints of pear, pepper, and safran.

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