Cherry Gin Daisy

by James Stevenson

When I first thought about having a happy hour for my friends today I immediately thought about gin. Recently, I received a special gin in the mail from S.D. Strong Distilling. The cool thing about this distillery is the gin is distilled in Missouri in a cave 65 feet below the surface of the earth. Just that fact makes me want to drink this gin every night! Not only does the cave thing make this gin so cool but it taste excellent! I decided that this was the perfect gin to make my signature Gin Daisy for my happy hour because it had such an awesome story about how it is distilled. See that…. Every party needs talking point or something cool to start with. For my signature drink I added some cherries to the mix to give it some seasonal flavors. I also used the amazing Liber and Co. Grenadine syrup. All in all I think this happy hour tonight is going to nail it! Thank you S.D. Strong Distilling and Liber and Co. for making amazing products!

, Cherry Gin Daisy



  1. Pour all ingredients into a metal shaker
  2. Shake then strain over ice

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