Calling for Cristalino

by James Stevenson

I love the combination of tequila and hibiscus, so I collaborated with El Mayor Cristalino Tequila to create this delicious cocktail. I just had to use their new cristalino tequila, which is an añejo tequila that has been filtered through ultra-fine charcoal to make it crystal clear and crisp, like a blanco, while retaining the robust character of the añejo tequila. This effect gives the El Mayor Cristalino Tequila a diverse flavor profile with distinct characteristics of oak and vanilla, which finish with herbal and citrus notes. Obviously, to keep with the Mexican theme, and to keep the cocktail balanced, I added some lime for a citrus hit and balanced everything with a homemade cinnamon syrup.

, Calling for Cristalino



  1. Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice
  2. Shake to chill and combine the ingredients
  3. Double strain into a coupe glass
  4. Garnish & Enjoy!

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