Beautiful Booze at The Borgata

by James Stevenson

Over the past 3 years, we have traveled a lot of the globe in search for inspiration and the best cocktails. Sometimes we end up in some of the worlds best bars, other times it’s a local spot that is completely undiscovered, and occasionally we’ll be lazy and just hang out at the bar at our hotel. Laziness can be rewarded though, as we have also discovered that some of the best cocktails can be found in Restaurants and Hotels around the globe where these venues have more money to invest in their bar program. We even wrote about The Re-Institutionalization of Hotel Bars a while back, and we are now looking into bars and restaurants in Casino’s as these are being overlooked by the greater audience of imbibers. Here are some amazing cocktails we enjoyed at The Borgata Hotel this year while visiting Atlantic City.

The Bar at Angeline not only makes absolutely delicious cocktails but also delivers them in style. Entering this Italian eatery is an absolute delight as it is a wonderfully designed venue that reminds me of an old Italian sports bar, but with modern furnishings. The cocktail menu is amazing and before getting together with the team to mix up the Gronicello Negroni, we went in early and enjoyed some of the delicious pasta dishes on offer as well as some of the other cocktails on offer.

No visit to the Borgata is complete without a visit to the famed Wolfgang Puck American Grille, and fortunately for us, we happen to be visiting while Wolfgang himself was in town, celebrating the 15th anniversary of The Borgata. The restaurant is as elegant as you would expect and of course, the cocktails are balanced, boozy and absolutely delicious. We ended up mixing the Bangcock Has Him Now cocktail, but you just can’t go wrong with their cocktail list here.

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