Booze Travel in Zacatecas Mexico

by James Stevenson

In 2015 we embarked on a crazy road trip from Seattle to Mexico. This is probably the most spontaneous and crazy thing we have ever done in our lives. On the flip side it is one of the best things that we have ever done and are thankful that we had the opportunity to explore one of our favorite places; Mexico. One of the first cities that we visited was Zacatecas, located in northern central Mexico. This city was one of my highlights from the entire trip. It was so beautiful and offered so many things to see and do.

, Booze Travel in Zacatecas Mexico

We enjoyed margaritas and mezcal in this beautiful oasis of old historic buildings and amazing food. We started our trip at the Meson de la Merced, which was a lovely and rustic hotel located in the center of Zacatecas. We stayed in a perfect room that had shutters that opened to the outside area for a city breeze. We loved staying in a traditional hotel and enjoyed our time taking in all the culture!

, Booze Travel in Zacatecas Mexico

Here are some highlights of our time in Zacatecas:

  • Teleferico- Let’s just say that Natalie is deathly afraid of heights. This Teleferico was like a gondola ride across the city. The view was amazing so she had no choice but to grin and bare it. But to our surprise a wonderful glass of mezcal was waiting for us at the end of the “road”! Best part of this ride was the view and drinking mezcal with the beautiful view of the city!

, Booze Travel in Zacatecas Mexico

  • Bars with a view – Let’s just say we pulled up our bar stools at several places in Zacatecas that had lovely views of the city. One of our favorites was a bar with huge shutters that opened to French balconies to give you a glance of the outside world. The Mexican warm air and breeze was blowing in our faces while we enjoyed a couple of tequila beverages. This bar was also great because it was early afternoon and empty. The owner’s daughter was practicing her singing while we enjoyed our drinks. We really felt a huge connection to the culture and everyday lives of the people that live here. We are so grateful for this opportunity!

, Booze Travel in Zacatecas Mexico

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