The Best Edible Garnishes for a Waste-Free Cocktail

by James Stevenson

Edible garnishes are a forward-thinking and creative solution to make sure your cocktail is looking delicious, without being wasteful. With as minimal impact on your carbon footprint as possible, here you’ll find some great ideas for the best edible garnishes around. Colorful, tasty and sustainable, what’s not to love?

, The Best Edible Garnishes for a Waste-Free Cocktail

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First things first…

Consider the color

Make sure the color of your garnish compliments the color of the drink! A little thought behind your garnish will ensure all the elements tie together to make your cocktail as visually appealing as possible. Presentation is everything when it comes to cocktails, so think ahead!

Choose the right size

The right size garnish will balance out your cocktail for the better. Too big, and it will take over and be invasive. Too small and it won’t add anything to the cocktail drinking experience at all.

, The Best Edible Garnishes for a Waste-Free Cocktail

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Citrus Garnishes

Lemons and limes are the bread and butter of citrus garnishes. A favorite to add to most spirit-based gins, get creative with shapes and create impressive refreshing garnishes at home. Aim to use every part of the citrus fruit, whether you slice it, wedge it, or peel the rind to make candied rinds, for example. Citrus spirals are also very popular and super easy to make.

Bell pepper garnishes

Bell peppers are great to use as cocktail garnishes due to their bright shades of red, green, orange and yellow, and their strong shape. You could design a bell pepper flower, which will give a pop of color to any cocktail.

, The Best Edible Garnishes for a Waste-Free Cocktail

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Carrot garnishes

Carrots are another great vegetable to work with as they can be easily fashioned into different shapes and will bring a zesty vibrancy to your cocktail drink. Some ideas include:

  • Heart shaped slices
  • Flower shaped slices
  • Star shaped slices
  • Carrot ‘roses’
  • Simple spirals

Top Tip: Check out cocktail recipes online which are easy to follow and packed full of flavor. No matter if you are a beginner or established cocktail connoisseur, you’re bound to get inspired.

Cucumber garnishes

Cucumbers are an incredibly popular addition for any cocktail. Not only do they bring refreshing flavor, their bright color and consistency mean they are easy to work with when it comes to designing creative garnishes sure to impress and wow your guests.

, The Best Edible Garnishes for a Waste-Free Cocktail

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Stuck for ideas?

Whether you want to curl or spiral your cucumber or want to down the floral route, check out these top tips here.

Dehydrated fruit garnishes

Dehydrated fruits bring an extra creative twist to your garnishes. Whether you decide to dehydrate blood oranges or apple slices, or maybe pomegranate, you can’t go wrong here as there is guaranteed zero waste, and it creates a brilliant color and texture to add to your cocktail.


Radishes are the perfect vegetable to work with. Not only are they a good size for cocktail garnishes but they’re vivid red and color give you plenty to play with. Radish roses are easy to make and don’t take too long either.

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