Best Coffee Bars in Vienna

by James Stevenson

During 2018 we had the opportunity to visit so many great cities and we truly had an amazing time in Vienna. It is such a great city no matter what you are into. History, food, culture, wine, and even coffee are all prevalent here and if you’re into something completely different I’m sure you can find it. We ate everything we could, from fried cauliflower to schnitzel and food cart bratwurst; and it was all delicious. Finding a good coffee shop was easy and there are a lot of articles online to help you out and during our quick stay, these were the places we found to offer the best coffee with great service. I was lazy with the camera and did not get photos of all the coffee shops so the images associated are more of travel images from around the city.

, Best Coffee Bars in Vienna

J. Hornig Kaffeebar

This venue roasts their own coffee beans and offers more modern brewing methods in a clean, almost sterile, environment. The music is good if you’re looking to sit back for a while before heading out for a day of sightseeing, and they always have a good selection of pastries on offer to go with your coffee.

, Best Coffee Bars in Vienna

Café Espresso

The seats here are almost always full and if the weather is good during your visit this is a great spot to sit out on the patio and enjoy some great espresso, or whatever you drink. The breakfast and lunch options are pretty delicious so this may be a great stop first thing in the morning to get your day started or a well-deserved break through your day.

, Best Coffee Bars in Vienna

Balthasar Kaffee Bar

One of the more modern and progressive coffee bars in Vienna, Balthasar is a great place to get the caffeine you need to help you through your day. Located away from the city on the north side of the river, the location is a lot quieter and offers a great place to rest and rejuvenate during a long day of sightseeing.

, Best Coffee Bars in Vienna

Café Central

A must see during your visit to Vienna, this beautiful old building offers classic coffees and delicious pastries. If you’re a bit of a coffee snob, this isn’t the place for you as it’s more of a cathedral of coffee than it is a modern coffee bar. The line will be long and the coffee standard, but just entering the wonderful building and basking in all its glory is worth it.

, Best Coffee Bars in Vienna

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