Best 2020 Bar Food Destinations in Reykjavik, Iceland

by James Stevenson

Icelandic food is known for its freshness and marvelous seasonal flavors that highlight the culture of this nation. The bar scene is particularly lively, offering up inventive gastropub dishes along with local drink specialties. Here are four of the best bar food destinations to put on your itinerary while in Reykjavik.


Located just a short walk from the popular Icelandic Phallological Museum, this grill and wine bar is a great stop when out touring Reykjavik. Popular menu items at KRÖST include the grilled cod, the duck leg, and the fresh seasonal produce sides. The eclectic vibe is a perfect complement to the many fascinations of Reykjavik. According to Arctic Adventures, there are a number of activities popular with tourists in Iceland, including glacier tours, ice cave tours, and—of course—touring the city of Reykjavik.

Icelandic Street Food

You are not going to want to miss the chance to experience this beloved Reykjavik eatery. The menu offers traditional Icelandic food in a casual bar setting. The fisherman’s favorite includes Icelandic cod, potatoes, and onions blended together with a creamy hollandaise sauce and served with rye bread. Or try the hearty lamb or shellfish soup. Finish your meal with the classic happy marriage cake.

Frederiksen Ale House

This quintessential ale house will blow you away with its mouth-watering pub food and welcoming atmosphere. Favorites include the pulled pork steamed bun and the burgers. The brunch menu features a variety of eggs. Happy Hour here is an especially good deal if you are looking for cheap eats to start your night out on the town. However, be wary of driving drunk in Iceland where, according to Lava Car Rental, you must avoid roads marked with an “F” unless you’re in a four-wheel-drive vehicle. These roads are perilous.


According to Dineout, this remarkable gastropub is popular with both tourists and locals, a true testament to its amazing food and excellent drink specials. The convenient downtown location is close to the harbor, and it offers an open kitchen and inviting bar area. Be sure to try the sautéed cod and chorizo with smoked onion jam or the West Coast mussels in white wine and cream sauce. You can get in and out quickly, or you can choose to connect with the locals in this homey pub.

While the “Land of Fire and Ice” is best known for its towering glaciers and natural thermal springs, you should not neglect its foodie scene. Despite being a small nation, Iceland offers a variety of delicious foods and drinks. These four bars will give you a great start to your eating and drinking journey through Iceland.

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