Awards & Press

At Beautiful Booze we are always humbled by the inclusion in different digital and print articles. Here are just some of the articles that have honored us.

Chilled Magazine – Manhattan Month Feature

Drizly Blogger Awards – 2017 Best in Glass - Delicious Cocktails for National Rosé Day – Delicious Cocktails for National Rosé Day

Supercall - Top 10 Cocktail Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Supercall – Top 10 Cocktail Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Brides Magazine Spotlight on Beautiful Booze Cocktails

The Feed Feed – Featured

Vinepair – Drinkstagrammers Are Transforming Cocktail Culture Without Stepping Behind the Bar

Style and Taste – 5 Must Try Daiquiri Recipes by Beautiful Booze

American Cocktail Company – In the Spirit

Living Spaces – Behind the Scenes – Drink It In! Adventures of Beautiful Booze’s Natalie Migliarini

Simon Said – Hair of the Dog with Beautiful Booze

Bartender Journey – Podcast #126

BuzzFeed – 10 F*cking Crazy Cocktails That Are Actually Worth Trying

Shots of History – Shot #52 Podcast

Paste Magazine – The Prettiest Cocktails On Instagram

King 5 News – Oscar inspired cocktail recipes from Beautiful Booze – DrinkWire Contributor

Buenos Aires Art Tours – Fernet Con Pomelo? Beautiful Booze!

Eat, Drink, Travel, Y’All – Beautiful Booze’s Favorite Bars in Mexico City

Delish – Spiked Chai Lattes Are the Ultimate Pick-Me-Up

Drizly – Top Shelf Blogger

Laurel & Wolf – Upgrade Your 4th of July with Beautiful Booze’s Natalie Migliarini and Her Specialty Cocktails

Bundaberg – (y)our best cocktails of 2017 – classic twists

Drink & Spoon – Home Cooking with a Higher ABV

The Idle Man – Best of the Web – Beautiful Booze Chats To The Idle Man

Blog Talk Radio – Wedding Wine & Cocktail Ideas

Porch Drinking – Beer Cocktails

Brit + Co – Your Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Bourbon Tasting Party

Putting Up With Erin – Breakfast Martini Sour with Blood Orange Marmalade

Bevvy – Strawberry Moscow Mule

Superyacht News – Superyacht Operating Systems Welcomes “Beautiful Booze” as new DR

Total Wine – The jaws are coming to a close: Our final shark-themed cocktail recipes