Art of Patrón – Bottle Art

by James Stevenson

Ready to repurpose your empty Patrón bottles that you consumed over the long holiday weekend? Now is the time to drink Patrón, create bottle art, and enter the #ArtofPatron Bottle Art Contest. To enter the contest you create a one of a kind piece of artwork using empty Patrón bottles. There are so many ways to reuse bottles and create art you just have to put your creativity to work. The Patrón Bottle Art Contest then awards the winner $10,000, which is an amazing prize for boozy crafting your empty bottle. This means you have no excuses to spend an afternoon up cycling your empty Patrón bottles and getting creative. Check out the some of the Bottle Art from last year to get inspired and enter the #ArtofPatron contest now. See full details about how to enter the Bottle Art Contest

, Art of Patrón – Bottle Art

For the Bottle Art Contest I decided to make a sign that hangs over my home bar. I have been looking for art to round out my bar and this was the perfect way to combine my love for art and booze. The first thing I did was break five empty Patrón bottles into pieces. Then I took an arrow sign that I purchased and made a mosaic out of the broken Patrón bottles to cover the entire area of the sign. I then spray painted the letters that make up “Tequila This Way” and glued them on top of the glass mosaic. After that I glued some fun festive tiles around the sign to give it a real Mexican feel. My favorite part of this sign is the broken Patrón bottle glass mosaic because the glass is so thick and beautiful. It’s easy to get creative with the empty Patrón bottles and create your own unique piece of art.

Are you ready to have a fun DIY #ArtofPatron Bottle Art Party? This is a fun project to do with friends but make sure you submit you entry before the July 17, 2015 deadline! Cheers!

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