Art of Patron: Bottle Art Contest

by James Stevenson

Today I am sharing an exciting boozy art contest. Do you ever wonder what to do with your empty Patrón bottles? Well I have an idea for you the #ArtofPatron Bottle Art Contest. For this contest you take your empty Patrón bottles and make a one of a kind piece of artwork. The Patrón Bottle Art Contest then awards the winner $10,000, which is an amazing prize for boozy crafting your empty bottle. This means you have no excuses to spend an afternoon up cycling your empty Patrón bottles and getting creative. Check out the some of the Bottle Art from last year (http://patrontequila.com/art-of-patron/landing) to get inspired and enter the #ArtofPatron contest now. See full details about how to enter the Bottle Art Contest.

, Art of Patron: Bottle Art Contest

I decided to take a whirl and use my crafty skills to make something fun. I wanted to create something that I use in my home bar. I created an ombre-tiled bottle with two matching glasses. I added a cute bee charm that depicts the Patrón logo. This is a fun bottle to bring to a party and is a fun way to serve guests tequila. It could also used as a centerpiece for DIY tequila cocktail bar. So, how did I create this masterpiece? First I used different shades of blue tiles and glued them in a dark to light ombre pattern onto the bottle. I used a glue gun for this process and it worked really well to adhere the tiles to the bottle. Then I glued some extra tiles on the cork of the bottle. After this I did the same process on the glasses and added a fun bee charm to all three tiled pieces. Are you ready to have a fun DIY #ArtofPatron Bottle Art Party? This is a fun project to do with friends but make sure you submit you entry before the July 17, 2015 deadline! Cheers!

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