8 Incredible Reasons to Drink Wine

by James Stevenson

Besides water, wine is probably the oldest known drink. Wine has been there for thousands of years and is often referred to as the nectar of the Gods. Wine is not just another alcoholic drink and you should buy liquor singapore to unwind sometimes. In moderation, it has incredible health benefits. So, before you decide to grab a soda, tea, or beer to go along with your dinner, consider these remarkable reasons to drink wine.

, 8 Incredible Reasons to Drink Wine

La Belle Hortense, Paris

1.    Wine is good for the heart

A glass or two of wine occasionally helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. Studies have shown that red wine contains the antioxidant resveratrol, which increases the level of ‘good cholesterol,’ helping to unclog the arteries. White wine contains hydroxytyrosol and antioxidant tyrosol, which reduce fat accumulation in the arteries.

2.    Stress relief

In case you are stressed, a glass of wine can help you to relax. Take a break from what you are doing and have a glass of wine. Enjoy every sip. Note that white wine helps to energize while red wine is perfect for relaxation.

3.    Smooth skin

A glass of wine a day is a perfect substitute for a skin cleanser and facial cream. The antioxidants in red wine slow cell aging, which helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. See, facial creams and skin cleansers are not the only options to reverse the effects of aging.

, 8 Incredible Reasons to Drink Wine

Idle Hour Winery

4.    Helps to build stronger bones

It turns out that milk is not the only drink that helps to build strong bones. Drinking a glass or two of wine every day has been proven to contribute to strong, healthy bones, especially in post-menopause women. Wine increases the rate of estrogen production in the body, which reduces bone loss.

5.    Wine prevents cavities

Although red wine contributes to tooth discoloration, it prevents tooth decay. Wine kills harmful bacteria in the mouth, which could lead to cavities. Tooth discoloration should not be a concern if you observe proper dental hygiene. In any case, it is recommended that everybody should have their teeth whitened by a professional every six months.

6.    Wine helps to regulate blood sugar

In moderation, wine helps to control blood sugar. Red wine has polyphenols which help to regulate blood sugar. This makes red wine a perfect, drug-free way of keeping your blood sugar under control.

, 8 Incredible Reasons to Drink Wine

Le Grand Fils, Paris

7.    Improved brain function

Regular wine drinkers are at a lower risk of developing cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Wine helps to reduce blood vessel inflammation and clots, which have been linked with cognitive decline.

8.    Benefits your waistline

Alcohol and weight loss are regarded as enemies, right? However, studies have shown that people who take wine moderately have a lower body mass, less belly fat, narrower waist, and are less likely to be obese.

, 8 Incredible Reasons to Drink Wine

Idle Hour Winery

Drinking wine has remarkable health benefits, but moderation is the key. Drinking the whole bottle does not double the benefits. Instead, share a bottle of wine with friends or family. Champagne is also a perfect gift idea for special occasions. Check out champagne gifts | GiftTree for great champagne gift baskets too.

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