8 Best Coffee Shops in Zagreb

by James Stevenson

Whenever we make our way to a new city, our first priority is to find a good coffee shop, as nothing gets done on Beautiful Booze without caffeine. Not only does coffee fuel us, but cafes often double as our office when we need to do the more mundane clerical work, such as writing articles; although right now my office is a train between Munich and Berlin. Looking into the city.

After some research, I found there were a lot of options for coffee shops in Zagreb, so I was excited to check them out and see if they were delivering on quality. Most of them were your regular café’s serving mediocre coffee as a necessity, but there were still plenty of others specialty coffee houses and roasters.

, 8 Best Coffee Shops in Zagreb

Eli’s Caffè

One of the original and best specialty coffee shops in Zagreb, Eli’s was opened by globally recognized and awarded barista Nik Orosi and still offers the best coffee in the city. The specialty espresso is really well balanced, however, the drip coffee is the star here.

, 8 Best Coffee Shops in Zagreb

Cogito Coffee Shop

Cogito is a local coffee roaster with 3 stores; all offering great coffee. Obviously, they aren’t actually ordered 1 through 3, but I thought this would make it easier.

  1. “Downtown” just off the main boulevard is the main caffé, which is the busiest. It is always packed with locals and tourists alike working on their laptops or just hanging out and catching up over their delicious espresso.
  2. I think the actual roaster deserves second place, as it is a great place just 5 or 6 blocks from #1. This location has a great terrace for hanging out and drinking coffee and they offer beer and wine too if you’ve filled your caffeine quota for the day.
  3. Their final location is much smaller but they serve the same delicious espresso and is away from the crowd and has a nice little patio to relax on.

, 8 Best Coffee Shops in Zagreb


This is another local roaster where you can sit in the room with the roasting machines and buy packets of coffee to brew at home or get specialty espresso or drip in store. They are again one block back from the main plaza and have a huge area out front and nice seating inside though the best place to get some work done is upstairs where they have some comfortable couches and ample space.

, 8 Best Coffee Shops in Zagreb

Victory Art Caffè

This café is one of those places on the main strip that is regularly filled with tourists and allows smoking inside. It’s not very work friendly, but it’s a nice atmosphere to relax in for a minute while wandering around town.

, 8 Best Coffee Shops in Zagreb


We first came across this café as it is right near our AirBnB and it kept popping up on our Google Maps. The space is nice to sit in and relax for a while if you happen to be passing by and the coffee is pretty decent.

, 8 Best Coffee Shops in Zagreb

Kolding Caffè

Everyone needs to do laundry at some point and the Laundromat near our apartment was right next to Kolding Caffè. A nice local spot that is definitely more of a nightlife wine and beer space rather than a coffee shop, but never the less, it’s a great addition to this list.

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