7 Customer Service Tips for Bartenders

by James Stevenson

Being a bartender is not only about serving drinks. It takes charisma alongside knowledge of drinks to become a successful bartender. Additionally, you have to improve your customer service and know-how to handle every situation.

Remember, people are there to have a good time, so make sure you take the customer service on another level. Customer service is key since most of your income comes from tips.

In today’s article, we will go through some of the customer service tips for bartenders.

, 7 Customer Service Tips for Bartenders

  1. Have a Positive Attitude

Since you are in the hospitality industry, you need to maintain a positive attitude no matter how your day is going. You have to treat every customer the same and remember to smile and greet customers when they sit down.

You have to leave a big impression with your positive energy, and it will definitely be worth it.

  1. Keep Things Tidy and Clean

The first thing people notice when they come to a bar is the cleanness of the space. Nothing says unprofessional bartender more than a messy bar. The best way to keep your professionalism on a high level is to always keep things tidy and clean.

You have to use different towels to wipe down the bar top anytime you notice someone spills something. Additionally, you have to put everything back where it belongs after you’ve done using them. You should also replace cocktail napkins regularly.

All of these things will make a great impression that people will definitely appreciate it.

, 7 Customer Service Tips for Bartenders

  1. Suggest Drinks

Another way to improve customer experience is if you make a suggestion about drinks. Remember people don’t know all the cocktails and sometimes they are afraid to try something new. Your job is to take care of their experience and suggest something that will fit their taste.

The best way to notice if someone needs a cocktail suggestion is if they are looking at the cocktail menu for a long time or if they seem indecisive.

  1. Train Your Memory

When you are in a crowded space, and the waitress is telling you the eight drink orders, you need to be prepared and know all things in order to work efficiently. In order to become a successful bartender, you need to build up your short-term memory.

You need to have a good stock of drinks in your memory. Try learning the most popular and local favorites then add new as you go along.

, 7 Customer Service Tips for Bartenders

  1. Be Prepared for Anything

The worst-case scenario is running out of stock. You need to be aware of everything going on in your bar and be prepared for the unexpected. You need to keep glasses clean, and beer restocked, check the ice bin if it is getting low, and keep a stock of lemons and limes.

If you anticipate such things, everything will go nice and smoothly, so customers will be satisfied.

  1. Don’t Focus on Tips

Even though the majority of your income will come from tips, you should not be obsessed with them. You have to do your best every time, and tips will come eventually.

It is important not to judge people by the tips. If someone leaves you a dollar, you should not give a look of disgust since other people will notice and will change their perception of you.

  1. Be Professional

You have to be professional at all times. Professionalism comes from attitude and appearance. You need to make a good first impression to customers and continue on the same route by being polite and honest.

Keep conversations friendly, wear clean clothes, and maintain a professional attitude that will be very much appreciated by your customers. Remember, just like an athlete in BetAmerica.com odds of the NFL, you must be ready for any unexpected moves and play your cards right.

Even though bartending looks like a very straightforward profession, there are few things like customer service that you should pay attention to in order to be successful.