5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Wine Cooler

by James Stevenson

When most people take wine home, they put it in the kitchen refrigerator, or store it at the back of a cupboard if it is a bottle of red. However, keeping wine for a long time requires a tailored storage solution that will help you preserve your wines and keep them at their peak, so they are ready to drink when you want them.

If you have a growing wine collection, with some of your favorite labels, then there are plenty of reasons you should consider getting a wine cooler.

, 5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Wine Cooler

They Keep a Constant Temperature

Storing wine at its correct temperature helps preserve its flavor and extends its life. Cooling slows down the wine’s natural aging process, which slowly alters the wine’s chemical composition and changes its flavor and scent.

The correct temperature to store wine is around 55F if you are storing reds and whites together. For white wine specifically, the ideal storage temperature is around 45F, and for red wine it is 65F.

They Maintain the Correct Humidity Level

The corks in wine bottles help preserve the wine by preventing its oxidization with the air. If corks get dry, this seal is broken, allowing the wine to oxidize. This is called ‘corking’, or for the wine to be referred to as ‘corked’.

Wine should be stored in a humid environment to help the corks maintain their natural moisture and prevent air from altering the taste of your wine. Corked wine often takes a browner hue in color and has a vinegary, acidic taste.

, 5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Wine Cooler

They Keep Wine in the Dark

Exposure to light can change a wine’s flavor. This is why many wine bottles are colored or tinted, so they reduce the amount of unfiltered sunlight that reaches the wine inside.

A good wine cooler will keep your wine completely in the dark or have a tinted glass front that will protect the wine from harsh light. Having a separate fridge for your wine also reduces the number of times the door will be opened, letting light in.

They are Versatile, As Well As Convenient

The is a wide range of wine coolers on the market, in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can find a guide to some of the best wine coolers over at temperature sensei. There are two main types for you to consider.

Freestanding wine coolers can stand alone in their own corner of a room, much like a standard refrigerator. Built-in units can be installed into an existing cabinet in a kitchen or home bar. A Freestanding cooler can go pretty much anywhere, whereas a built-in unit will require a countertop or cabinet to be installed into.

, 5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Wine Cooler

They Help You Stay Organized

With a wine cooler, you can arrange your wine, and store it in groups or by type. You could even create your own home wine list! This helps you keep track of your wines, and helps you keep your collection full at all times.

If your wine collection keeps growing, it is time to take wine storage more seriously. A wine cooler can help you take care of your wine and keep it in its best condition.


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