3 Different Ways to Incorporate Coffee into Alcoholic Drinks

by James Stevenson

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your Sunday brunch or add a new twist to your evening cocktails think about making a tasty blend of coffee and alcohol. With the proper ratio, a coffee-alcohol drink can be sweetly refreshing or a potent punch depending on your personal taste.

The foundation of any of these alcoholic, caffeinated beverages is the coffee. A good coffee will make our break these cocktails. One method to enjoy these spiked up cups of coffee without guilt is to use a brand that offers additional health benefits. Organo Gold is a premium brand, and it has the added benefit of an infusion of an ancient Chinese natural product called Ganoderma lucidum. Not only is this coffee robust and flavorful it may be helpful for your entire system, and it also contains antioxidants. Another benefit of using Organo Gold Coffee is it comes packaged in individual servings. The blends are added to hot water and smoothly dissolve away, but you can adjust the water to make the coffee darker and a deeper flavor or smoother and lighter. Six ounces of water will make a very robust drink, but if you use 10 ounces are more of water, you will have a flavorful mug that is light on the palate.

Now that you know how important the coffee will be to these cocktails let’s discuss the alcohol and the recipes. Martinis have long been a favorite evening cocktail but with a new twist you can get some health benefits from the coffee and some fun flavor. Coco Cafe Martini is a cocktail with a hint of a sweet side. It requires three basic ingredients that you may already have in your liquor cabinet, and the recipe is very simple. It is one ounce of each these three ingredients: vodka, coffee, and chocolate liqueur. Make the coffee as strong as you prefer and allow it to cool to room temperature or cold. It is possible to use hot coffee but know that it can become a bit milder when you do the next process. Combine all the ingredients in a tall glass with ice and stir until chilled. With a cocktail strainer, pour the sweet and flavorful liquor concoction into a tall martini glass. If you are craving even a bit more chocolate, try rimming the martini glass with shavings of milk or dark chocolate.If you are looking for a way to remind yourself of summer vacation, try a Kickin’ Coconut Coffee. This coffee drink can be either served on iced or hot. The ingredients are coffee, coconut milk, and vodka. The measurements are simple and call for equal parts vodka, coffee, and coconut milk. Combine the ingredients and either stir in a tall glass with ice and strain to serve cold, or add the vodka and coconut milk to a warm cup of coffee and enjoy.

Irish coffee has always been a popular hot coffee and alcoholic drink. The traditional drink is made with coffee, Irish whiskey, and cream. Add a new twist to an old favorite by replacing the Irish whiskey with a hazelnut or almond liqueur. This liquor will give the coffee a rich but slightly nutty sweet flavor. To assemble the drink make a hot cup of coffee, add one ounce of the nut liquor and stir the cream in. You can adjust the recipe by making the coffee stronger or weaker and adding more or less of the liquor store and cream.

Coffee drinks with a touch of booze can make an average breakfast or evening cocktail a fun and unique experience. All of these recipes can be modified to suit every coffee lovers taste, and once tried, they are sure to be repeated again and again.

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