3 Cities in the South With a Rising Craft Beer Scene

by James Stevenson

When it comes to beer, craft beer is something special. Craft beer isn’t the run-of-the-mill brew you’ll find at just any big chain grocery store across the nation. This beer is made in smaller batches and by individuals who have a true passion for brewing. Recently, there has been a wave of craft beer sweeping across the South. So if you’re a craft beer lover who is planning on traveling in that area of the country, here are a few cities you might want to stop by on your way.

Asheville, NC

According to SMBYO, Asheville has more craft beer breweries than any other city in the country with some serving almost every style of beer. There are several popular breweries to visit, making a rise in the craft beer scene. In addition to a cool, standalone craft beer scene, the local music venues in the area also tend to feature local craft beers, so there is a fun expansion in the works.

Leesburg, VA

Leesburg is a sprawling suburb of Washington, D.C., and a great place for craft beer. What used to be a small town is now growing up into a mini-city that has a burgeoning beer and restaurant scene. In general, Virginia is known for its wide array of wine options and craft beers, but Leesburg is really growing up. This city has a smorgasbord of options for even the pickiest of beer aficionados. If you want to taste some tantalizing brews near D.C., Leesburg is worth checking out on a weekend.

Greenville, SC

Located centrally in the heart of South Carolina, Greenville is a great place to grab a craft beer. Whether you are in the mood for a hoppy IPA, a heavy stout or a refreshing sour, Greenville has you covered. According to The J. Michael Manley Team, this city has a comprehensive craft beer scene that includes microbrews; large batches; and special, limited-release brews at any number of the city’s extensive breweries. You will be sure to find the flavor your taste buds have been searching for all this time.

Craft beer is taking the nation by storm. Craft beers give you a little taste of local life. Since true craft beer is made in breweries in smaller cities and towns rather than in large factories, the taste and quality are unmatched. If you find yourself in the South, whether it be in Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina, be sure to stop in at a local brewery to truly be able to experience the splendor that is craft beer done right. Your taste buds will be sure to thank you.

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