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Holiday Breakfast

December 25, 2016

Whether it is in the food or even worked into a cocktail holidays are celebrated best with bacon involved!

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Spiced Coffee Old Fashioned

December 15, 2016

Today's cocktail was designed to warm the soul on a cool winters night, or really just any time you're thirsty. One of my favorite cocktails is the bourbon old fashioned and today I have incorporated a little cinnamon to give it a...

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Cavalry Salute Cocktail

September 27, 2016

The Cavalry Salute is still as close as possible to the classic, as we couldn't mess with it too much while bringing it from summer to fall.

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Sparkling Boulevardier

February 28, 2016

Today I am sharing this bold cocktail, which still has an air of elegance. This cocktail is a twist on the bold, charismatic classic boulevardier, which is then topped with a few ounces of bubbly to give it a little extra hint of...

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Pineapple and Orange Hot Toddy

December 03, 2015

I usually make the traditional hot toddy with hot water, bourbon or whiskey, lemon juice, and honey. Today I am adding a tropical twist with the addition of pineapple. Pineapple is one fruit that is available all year round. It pairs...

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