Recipes - Spring


Rose Collins

May 10, 2017

The crisp clean citrus flavors in this rosé made it perfect for a cocktail such as the Tom Collins

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Berry Party Punch

May 08, 2017

Making Life Easy: 1. In a punch bowl combine all of the ingredients and top with ice 2. Stir to mix everything together

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Tequila Julep

May 06, 2017

There was so much tequila still sitting on the bar that we just started throwing it in the juleps and it tasted awesome!

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Spicy Raspberry Margarita

May 04, 2016

Today I am sharing a spicy and fruity Margarita for your enjoyment. This version is a classic Margarita with fresh raspberries, jalapeno simple syrup, and topped off with the fabulous Crabbie's Scottish Raspberry Flavour Ginger Beer....

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Bloody Mary

May 01, 2016

Today I am sharing a variation on the classic Bloody Mary, which has been inspired by an eventful evening last night. I love Bloody Mary's and find they can be a great way to cure a sore head or pair with brunch when entertaining...

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